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The Embraer Legacy 650 is the longer range version of its predecessor, the Legacy 600.  Over 280 Legacy 600/650 models were delivered from its inception in 2002 until they ended production in 2020.


With seating configurations ranging from 12-14 guests, although some configurations can fit up to 19.  The Legacy 650 is typically set up in a three zone cabin configuration, and is one of the quietest aircraft in its class.  Based on an Embraer regional airline frame, this aircraft also leads its class in storage capacity, so you can load up the golf clubs and all of your bags for an extended family vacation.  The typical cost to charter a Legacy 650 is around $6,500 per hour.

As with any private jet, it is important to understand all the features and amenities for the aircraft prior to booking.  On occasion, an operator may promote an aircraft with 13 seats, perfect for your group of 13.  But they may not tell you that the 13th guest will be seated in a belted lav seat.  This may be fine for a family outing, but may not be a great option for your upcoming business trip.

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