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How to Find the Best Private Jets to Use for Charter

Choices. We love them. If we didn’t there would not be so many ice cream flavors. Yet, sometimes choosing can be difficult, especially when you are not up to speed with what questions to ask. Private air charter is a complex industry. How do you select the best option for your high net worth client, the matriarch of the wealthy family, or …

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The Broker: The Unsung Hero of Air Charter Service

Why Use an Air Charter Service Broker? It’s a fair question and one that we encourage our clients to ask. Just what are the benefits of utilizing the services of an air charter broker? Could you work with an air carrier directly? Of course, you can. You can also represent yourself in court, sell real estate without a realtor, even …

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How Commercial Airline Service Has Changed

Lately, commercial airline service has been providing us with a stream of entertaining, alarming and sometimes outright scary passenger experiences. For those of us in the “more mature” demographic, we might harken back to kinder, gentler times, when air travel was glamorous and special. To generation X, Y, Z, or whatever you are calling yourselves these days, cramped cabins, a …

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Business Jet Charter: The Swiss Army Knife of Business Travel

Business Toy or Business Tool? Air charter began to be seen in a negative light during the financial crisis, especially when CEOs of imploding corporations were arriving in their Gulfstreams to testify before congress. That type of PR is great for the headlines and nightly news, but how accurate is the premise that business travel utilizing private business jet charter is not …

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How to Navigate the Private Aviation Market

Choices, choices, choices. We live in an age where with just a few clicks, you can find dozens of options for whatever it is you are looking for. This includes private aviation. There are more options for private air transportation than ever; on-demand air charter, fractional ownership, outright ownership, card programs and yes, the occasional Ponzi scheme promising travel like a …

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5 Benefits of Private Jet Travel

Have you ever considered private jet travel? Before you write it off, think about the following. What time do you have to get up to make your commercial flight? We have all done this backward countdown when we are flying commercial to a destination.  Mine often goes something like: “Let’s see, if the flight is at 8:00 AM, we need to …

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