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Air Ambulance & Medical Emergency Flights

Our rapid response air ambulance services can make the difference for patients requiring life-saving medical attention. Don’t let the distance from a medical facility determine quality of care. Air Planning has been arranging domestic and international air ambulance and medevac aeromedical transportation on behalf of numerous government agencies for many years. The air ambulance companies that we utilize for civilian patients are many of the same air ambulance companies that we deploy for our government agency customers. Air Planning maintains a worldwide contract with a U.S. government agency to provide international air ambulance services to respond to disasters and other events globally. 

Our team will guide you end-to-end: 

  • Source suitable air ambulance operators and aircraft that meet appropriate ALS/BLS standards of care 

  • Coordinate contract and payment of selected air ambulance services on your behalf 

  • Arrange patient transfer from discharging facility to the air ambulance departure site  

  • Monitor aeromedical aircraft positioning and flight operations phase 

  • Coordinate patient transfer from air ambulance to receiving facility 

  • Utilize air ambulance services’ operator-accredited medical staff onboard as required 

End-of-Life Air Ambulance Transportation  

When long-distance travel is required for a loved one nearing end-of-life, aeromedical transportation ensures the most comfortable travel experience. Patients can be accompanied by a family member and/or medical staff while being transported in the most comfortable and compassionate fashion possible. 

Human Remains Air Transport 

We arrange respectful and lawful air transportation of human remains to their final resting place via private air charter. Loved ones can be transported in or out of casket.* 

*We do not arrange human remains transport via scheduled service airlines. Transport of a deceased person via private air charter generally ranges from $20,000 - $250,000 domestically and is dependent on aircraft selected, desired aircraft configuration, and the number of individuals accompanying the deceased. International transport of human remains varies by location, distance, and aircraft selected. 

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