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Message From The Founders

Hopefully we have grown wiser, as we have surely grown older since we founded Air Planning.

Our approach has always been hands on. Our credo was and remains “whatever it takes for a flawless air charter.” Historically, that has included late nights loading the cargo holds of aircraft to make ready for the next adventure, early mornings managing on-time departures from countless airports, or chasing down that favorite bottle of wine for a client. Although our current daily responsibilities of managing a growing company may no longer place us at the forefront of these activities, our exceptional staff shares our commitment to client service. Their energy and ideas are the cornerstone of our organization, and they are a crucial component to our success.

What started as a team of two continues to grow, but our philosophy remains the same; everyone is accountable for the satisfaction of our clients and the success of every air charter program. We want to thank the customers that have remained loyal to us through the years. Your loyalty is our greatest compliment.

For those that are considering utilizing our services, we appreciate the opportunity to earn your trust and your business. You have our guarantee that you will always receive the highest level of service from air charter brokerage professionals that are ethical, professional, courteous, and committed to your best interests.

Scott BickfordSharon Thomas
Chief Executive OfficerPresident